About Attogram

After more than three decades in business we feel somewhat significant (but evidently we do not weigh a lot)!

Cornell University has defined Attogram in terms of a single DNA molecule that was found to weigh "a shade more than 1 attogram" (10-18grams). Cornell University News Service, 5.18.05 (viewed 9.25.06)

Attogram Corp was founded by pharmacist Andrew Gutauskas to assist health care practitioners in treating their patients through the use of natural remedies. In partnership with Dr. Leo Roy, a naturopathic and medical doctor, the company was born in December of 1978. It began as a dietary supplement distribution service to health care practitioners and soon expanded to include the manufacture of specialty food products. By 1981, a number of other naturopathic doctors had also invested in Attogram Corp. Among these was Dr. Joe Boucher, after whom one of Canada's two naturopathic colleges is named. The wealth of knowledge gained by close association with prominent ND's over the years continues to be invaluable for the development of new and innovative products.

Attogram Corp. believes that the complexity of natural systems is beyond the ability of humans to fully understand, that we do not need to fully comprehend them to experience their healing benefits, and that this complexity must be preserved when processing a food product so that it produces the best possible healing effect.



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